Saturday, March 21, 2009

My first Android (gcc-4.4 build) patch

My first patches to Google's Android code base are trivial: they make the Android platform build on Fedora 11's gcc-4.4 pre-release:
I got stuck half way through on this known issue of the "opencore" library failing to build because of the recent "cupcake" branch merge so there are likely more gcc-4.4 patches required.

Getting the trivial patches merged were reasonably painless. I followed the submit-patches document and:
  • Signed the individual Contributor Agreement and uploaded my SSH key.
  • Used "repo status", "git commit -a", "repo upload" to upload my patches.
I do hate how the "repo" git wrapper script always wants to fetch the latest code from the network on "repo sync" and doesn't have a "repo checkout" command that works from my local git repositories without touching the network though. Connecting to from Taiwan is painfully slow.